Running Injuries

Running injuries are not fun and can compromise your training and enjoyment of the competitive sport of running. Chiropractor, Stephen Piserchia, has 17 years of clinical experience in treating running injuries in New Haven, CT. In the past Dr. Steve has been a team physician for two New York City Marathons, part of Team In Training for the Leukemia Society of New Haven, CT as well as other local running clubs in the greater New Haven Area.  As runner himself, he understands the injuries and the chiropractor in him understands the mechanisms and treatments for the injuries.  The most common injuries are to the foot and ankle, the knee and hip.  Since running involves the whole body, there are also instances when the neck, back and shoulders are involved.

Most running injuries are due to an overuse muscle syndrome, chiropractic care is an excellent choice under the direction of Dr. Steve Piserchia. 

Dr. Steve uses a variety of myofascial muscle work that is different then massage therapy.  The techniques and options that are available are:

  • Active Release Technique 
  • Gua Sha 
  • Active PNF Stretching 
  • Jones Strain Counter Strain 

The office also has a full physical therapy rehabilitation suite with machines, Pilates style reformer and other modalities.