Knee Pain

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Knee pain is not fun, however chiropractic care can help!

Chiropractic care is an excellent option for knee pain and Dr. Steve has treated hundreds of patients in New Haven, CT with knee pain. The care is safe and effective and treats the cause of the problem. Knee pain symptom consists of pressure, weakness, swelling and instability with movement. Knee pain can also occur with getting up and down from a chair, using stairs and running.

Dr. STEVE Piserchia takes a very systemic approach to the treatment and management of knee pain.

The knee joint is a simple 2nd class lever with the patella acting as a fulcrum. When there is joint dysfunction knee pain occurs.

The knee is a joint that has three compartments. This joint has an inner (medial) and an outer (lateral) compartment. The kneecap (patella) joins the femur to form a third compartment called the patellofemoral joint. The thigh bone (femur) meets the large shinbone (tibia) forming the main knee joint.

The knee joint is surrounded by a joint capsule with ligaments strapping the inside and outside of the joint called the collateral ligaments as well as crossing within the joint called the cruciate ligaments. These ligaments provide stability and strength to the knee joint moving forwards and backwards . The meniscus is a thickened cartilage pad between the two joints formed by the femur and tibia. The meniscus acts as a smooth surface for motion and absorbs the load of the body above the knee when standing. Below the kneecap, there is a large tendon called the patella tendon which attaches to the front of the tibia bone. Their are large muscles of the thigh move the knee. In the front of the thigh, the quadriceps muscles extend the knee joint (straighten). In the back of the thigh, the hamstring muscles flex the knee (bend).

How do I know if chiropractic is right for me?

  • If the joint just does not feel that it is in the "right place" or out of alignment. Only an adjustment can realign the joint
  • If you have not been happy with the prior care that you have received
  • If you do not like taking pills and especially if they are not helping

Chiropractic adjustments to the knee are very gentle and are non painful. There are no twisting or bending just a small impulse into the joint, it doe not take much to realign the joint. In conjunction with the adjustment, we use physical therapy exercises , ice and interferential currents for pain and swelling.

New Haven Medical under the direction of Steve Piserchia DC has extensive knowledge of knee pain and treatment for new haven residents. The office has a complete physical therapy rehabilitation area in the office. Using a sports medicine program to increase the muscle strength, flexibility and joint mobilizations to increase knee joint mechanics makes the difference.

Knee pain is not fun and if left untreated can become worse with time. If you have pain with the following activities you may benefit from the care that we offered.

  1. Do you have knee pain with sitting? YES | NO
  2. Do you have knee pain with getting up from a seated position? YES | NO
  3. Do you have pain in the knee when you attempt to sit down? YES | NO
  4. Do you have pain when you kneel down? YES | NO
  5. Do you have knee pain when you press on the knee joint? YES | NO

If you answered more then three of the questions YES then you have a knee problem and should call the office for a consult at 203-776-3375


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